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Pacific United Nations Print E-mail

ImageNo one noticed that we had created a new UN flag until it was too late. By then our new way of seeing the world had been broadcast every night on TV, and every dignitary had been photographed in front of it. The real UN flag is centred on the big powers. Our new version was centred on New Zealand and the great blue Pacific Ocean.




Copenhagen 2012 Print E-mail

ImageMy deepest apologies. I would love to be with you all to celebrate 25 years since the founding of Arc-Peace, along with all that has been achieved over that time, but sadly it is not possible.




Brighton 1987 Print E-mail

ImageMy paper had been accepted for the 1987 UIA Brighton Congress and while it was exciting enough to fly right around the world, retracing a journey which had once taken me a year travelling overland, I was also excited about my academic future opening up.







Istanbul 1996 Print E-mail
Executive Committee meeting
Seeing women and children being beaten up by police with batons in Istanbul was a new experience for my students. The police simply blocked off both ends of a street where a peaceful protest was being held and they were unconcerned about those who had intended to do a little innocent shopping.
ICED 91 Termas de Rio Hondo Print E-mail

ImageTwo assumptions seem to have been made in deciding that the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), being held in June 1992, should be located in Brazil.


Moving South as the world goes West


The assumption on the one hand that the big differences in the world are between cultures, and the assumption on the other hand that those cultures are territorial.


Tokyo 1990 Print E-mail

ImageFollowing on from the euphoria of the Velvet Revolution Akio invited a few of us to speak in Tokyo.




Chicago 1993 Print E-mail
ImageThe highlight of the Chicago Congress was the presentation of an award to ADPSR by the American Institute of Architects.