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Successes and failures
Pembridge and the NZIA Print E-mail

ImageThe idea was to give community groups and professional bodies a warm and humane place in the heart of the city.

Not only would every organisation from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to the Institute of Architects and the Peace Foundation have the opportunity to interact with the citizens of Auckland. They would also have the chance of interacting with each other to stimulate creativity and encourage co-operation. On the big issues of the day, such as climate change, each group would be able to have their own style while also benefiting from knowing what everyone else was doing.

The Institute of Architects, for example, would have constantly changing exhibitions and displays and a good bookshop. The cluster of houses would provide a first point of contact for locals and tourists alike informing them about built-environment options. Lectures and meetings would be within easy walking distance of both students at adjacent campuses and the offices of the decision makers.

It would be a living urban design example of the very reason why we have cities.