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Hip replacement
Public v Private Print E-mail

ImageThe New Zealand pulic health system is simply fantastic. The popular myth that it is better to go private is simply untrue.



In gratitude Print E-mail

ImageJulie, I am writing to you as a first point of contact, but I hope that somehow my message of gratitude might filter through to the whole amazing team who were so wonderful to me in relation to my recent hip-replacement.



Joint Effort walk Print E-mail

ImageThe Joint Effort walk was much more than just a fundraiser for Orthopaedic research. It was an opportunity to become better informed about hip and knee replacements,



Beginners guide Print E-mail

ImageThe information supplied by the Orthopaedic Department of the Auckland DHB is simply fantastic. All any individual can do is to add a few personal thoughts. These lay comments have no medical authority whatsoever.



ACC thugery Print E-mail
ImageI felt the boot crunch into my hip as I lay on the beach surrounded by four thugs. It was a blow which was going to change my life. It became clear that they intended to leave me crippled.