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From the Back Porch
Okahu Bay Print E-mail

Owner-built 'Nova Caprice' at anchor in the crater of a New Zealand volcano.
Most Kiwis and Aussies built their first boat.









Buildings with nothing to say Print E-mail

ImageOne person will travel the world and arrive home with nothing to say. Another person walks down to the corner dairy and comes back with a story.



Grains of sand Print E-mail

ImageSand is a wonderful building material. It only takes a minute or two to dig a hole and sink luxuriously into it. A few more quick movements and it is a perfect fit, supporting every part of my rather magnificent body. (When you are a mayoral candidate you need to think a little about your image.)



Films tell our stories Print E-mail

ImageWhen Gaylene Preston was invited to speak in Arizona she took along videos of her five most recent films. She was astonished on arrival to find that not a single film had been produced in the whole of Arizona in the last ten years. They, in their turn, simply could not believe that a small country like New Zealand could be so prolific in producing films of international acclaim.



Terry Gavin Print E-mail

ImageSitting on Terry and Clare's back porch you look across the yard to their joinery store, nestling against the back fence. It has all the window frames organised according to type and size. When you need to put in a window the choices can be quickly assessed.