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Tony Watkins

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Architectural colonialism Print E-mail

ImageArchitects, planners, the bureaucrats who issue permits, developers and even new people moving into an old street all have one thing in common, suggests Tony Watkins. They are outsiders.


 Outsiders have a different world-view from insiders so that misunderstandings and conflict between them are inevitable.






Put the cart after the horse Print E-mail

Vancouver Maritime Museum 1990
Great communities build great cities. It has always been that way, and it has always been that way around.



Edmiston our Bamian Print E-mail

Throwing out old buildings is rather like throwing out old McCahon paintings, suggests architect Tony Watkins.

ImageOne of the great tragedies of the seventies was the demolition of Victoria Arcade. It was one of our finest buildings and it seemed that it was not at risk because it was owned by the body entrusted with protecting our heritage.