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Tony Watkins

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Salt and spring waters mingle at the moment of purification. 

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The gentle slopes of Santorini

are devoted to agriculture.

The rugged cliffs tumbling into the volcano

are ideal for the excitement of architecture. 

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ImageCraftsmanship existed long before architecture.
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Even in the midst of a revolution there are moments of peace and beauty.

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We had just brought the Cold War to an end and I was back in Moscow. It was forty degrees below. The sunlight streaming through the door to the Kremlin seemed to symbolise our hope for a new and better world.

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ImageBamboo is the most versatile of sustainable building materials.
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On the road to Tibet high above the brick works are the lime kilns.

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When you enter a cathedral you need to pause for a moment to allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness.

The flickering votive lights speak of faith and hope.