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12 April 2008

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ImageMany meetings are a complete waste of time, but Margaret Lawlor Bartlett turns every one to advantage by bringing along her sketch pad. She was active in VAANA, working to ban the bomb, and also a political activist at the time of the 1981 Springbok tour. All these threads come together in this collage.
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ImageKristin and Steve were living in Nelson when "The Striding Man" was first exhibited in the Suter Gallery. The energy was contagious. Friends share their creative energy.

Peter Bromhead Print E-mail
ImageThe NZI Tower debate was raging and I was having a torrid time. Peter did a cartoon to cheer me up. Peter had the rare ability of being able to sum up weeks of Environment Court hearings in a quick sketch.
Mary Barker Print E-mail
ImageIt was the first Cloisonne Mary had done. I watched it come out of the kiln and instantly fell in love with that raw immediacy and simple directness which first works have.
Kimiko Kanai Print E-mail

ImageMan Alone is one of a set of four. Tyl von Randow bought the other three so we needed to get together from time to time to complete the work.

Then, with astonishing generosity, Tyl  gave me his three for my 70th birthday, and so I ended up with the complete work.

Marg Morrow Print E-mail
ImageMarg Morrow has a small photographic gallery in Kohukohu. Her work is exquisite and constantly exploring new directions.