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Bay architecture
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ImageThe embodied energy of a house includes all the love, dreams and hopes of those who have given their lives to the life of the building. Ron Driver loved his house. It had been built when there were severe post war restrictions. The big slip had left it teetering on the edge of a chasm. Ron had used railway lines to move the house back.
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ImageThe Karaka Bay bookshelves began their life in the Auckland Public Library reading room when it was opened on 26 March 1887. This photograph was taken for the Auckland Star in 1905.








Peeping over the greenery Print E-mail
ImageBaches were never seen as architectural objects. Often there was just a glimpse of the building. The landscape setting was all important, not the architecture,
The Bampton bach Print E-mail
ImageBy the new millennium there was only one of the original Karaka Bay baches remaining intact.Image