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Tony Watkins

 ~ Vernacular Design 

Design Educator

You learn about design
by designing.


"I remember meeting the energetic and vibrant Tony Watkins during my third year of university, I sat enthalled as he crawled over a vast spread of butcher paper he'd rolled out over the floor and scribbled madly with bold colourful Textas. He spoke about listening; letting the site, the stories, the people and their lives talk to him. The zest with which he spoke of architecture, a passion that has become his career, ignited our imagination as we were drawn in by his enthusiasm. It was at that precise moment that I became aware of what I love most about the business of architecture - the people. The connection and the passionate communication with people. It is this interaction with other people that fuels my fire and quenches my thirst - why should my architecture be any different?"

A Passionate Approach, Kylie Rose, Deakin, 1995