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Threat to architects Print E-mail

ImageThe next big one for the building industry, after leaky buildings, could be much closer than we imagined.



The Herald reported that "California is suing six of the world's largest carmakers for millions of dollars over damage it says greenhouse gases from their cars have caused."  Yet buildings contribute far more to global warming than cars do.

If the suit against carmakers is successful we must assume the next suit will be against architects for the damage that their buildings cause. California will then seem to be not much further away than the Californian bungalow.

The triumph of fashion and style over logic resulted in the leaky building syndrome. The triumph of fashion and style over ethics is placing the planet at risk. It would be wise for architects and clients to take action before the lawyers become involved.

Tony Watkins

Karaka Bay


First published in the New Zealand Herald 9 October 2006 

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