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Tony Watkins

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Tony is the Dog Ranger Print E-mail

ImageDogs, or more specifically dog owners, have always been a problem at Karaka Bay. They foul the foreshore so that is unsafe to swim or even sit on the grass for a picnic. They chase all the birds. They destroy the atmosphere of the Bay with their persistent barking.



ImageIn 1986 Tony was appointed honorary Dog Ranger.



ImageThe worst incident was when a dog began scratching a girl who was swimming. By the time we rescued her and brought her to shore her whole body was scarred and covered in blood. Even as we carried her off to the hospital the dog owner was defending his dog, saying that she was only being playful. For so many people dogs are more important than people or the environment.

Ideally New Zealand would have no dogs. One dog in Northland killed more than 500 kiwis in a year. This was more than the entire growth rate for the endangered species for the year. 

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