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Thoughts on sustainability Print E-mail

ImageThe more love you give away the more you have.

That is what sustainability is all about.

Producing a surplus.

Trusting more than you really should.
Laughing instead of complaining.
Making sure there is enough
compassion for people,
and respect for the environment,
to have a little left over
to just enjoy for the sheer
love of being alive.

Sustainability is not
about energy or insulation.
Sustainability is nothing more than leaving the world a little richer than you found it.

Every time you walk away
from the place where you belong,
ask yourself if you left the environment
of that place a little richer than you found it.

Did you leave behind happiness, sensitivity
and understanding? Did you leave a flower?
Or did you only leave damage to the environment for someone else to clean up?

Sustainability is an attitude.

The necessary transformation of the world
will only occur if we all begin
by falling in love again
with the place to which we belong.



Published in Owner Builder Magazine

June/July 2003

First published in "Piglet the Great of Karaka Bay