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ImageWeaving sustainabiliity: People, places and things.




The Canterbury Chapter of OMEP Aotearoa/New
Zealand extends an invitation to a one-day seminar in
Christchurch on 22 September 2007 designed around the theme of sustainability
and early childhood education. To anchor the day’s
thinking, Dr Mere Skerrett will discuss with us the
preservation and sustainability of identity through
language learning and culture. Following the keynote
three concurrent workshops provide participants with an
opportunity to explore sustainability from very different
Tony Watkins, from Auckland’s Karaka Bay will
workshop about how the design of environments can
contribute towards sustainability.
Tony Moore, from the Christchurch City Council will
engage with participants over the issue of waste
Erin Devlin, from The Kiwi Puppet Company will
workshop with attendees about how they can use
curriculum in a way that promotes sustainability and
environmental awareness and responsibility.
day will conclude with a panel discussion of emergent
themes and ideas.

OMEP in an acronym is for the World Organisation for Early
Childhood Education as written in French: - Organization Mondiale pour
l'Education Presclaire. The organisation has close links with UNICEF,
UNESCO & the Council of Europe. It originated after World War 2