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Tony Watkins

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ImageThere's so much environmental doom and gloom around that I've started to wonder - if I'm going to be green, does that mean I have to be miserable?

Going green is about being fully alive, while recognising that this is only possible in a planet which is also fully alive. Being sick is no fun. However if you do end up in hospital you can look around the ward and tell who is going to make it. A positive attitude is everything. Bureaucrats in the Ministry who talk about negative carbon footprints, and architects who suggest that a well-insulated triple-glazed tomb is better for your health than going out to sit in the sun, have simply lost the plot. Being fit, healthy and fully alive means being filled with joy. The miserable people are part of the problem, not the sustainable planet solution.

Tony Watkins is a design lecturer, architect and photographer. 

Published in "Home New Zealand" December/January 2008 p136

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