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ImageOne student's overview and interpretation of the introduction to the course.

1. USE THE SURPLUS – don’t build more than you need. Use what you have.
                 incorporate what you have around you. Be efficient, & thrifty.

2. MINIMIZE YOUR EXPENDITURE – Only make major investment in the basic    
                 foundation and give consideration to flexibility.

3. Build a house that tells a/ MY STORY – what is my story I ask???
Who am I
What makes me tick?
What story do I want my space to tell?
How do I want to use my space?
What events/hobbies/fun/enjoyment is my space to be used for?
What gives me pleasure? hmmmm

Know the history of the land – the people – of the space.

Have a house available to suit changing moods  - No one can guarantee that how they feel today about their space is how they may feel in a few years soooooo build with flexibility in mind

- weather conditions
- family
- landscape – of area and the people of the past
- my personality    - to have a safe, welcoming place for others to come            - incorporate my work place ie: job related
    - space for my potential partner
                    - enabling me to travel ie: archive room for storing precious items                       
    - includes availability for my passion for natural healing modes
                                     ie:. Reflexology, meditation etc. fresh food.

7. RITUALS- What is sacred to me? My traditions, My family occasions, special  
             spaces for feeling good with and without others

      8.       HEART, Passion, Desire, Feelings , loves, hates = know my hates & avoid      
  Feel Free where I live – be excited – get tingles – welcoming

9.     PEOPLE – use people as part of your resources…. AND KNOW THAT  
           nothing is an impossible dilemma – the answer is always available and if  
           others do not have it for you then calm yourself (meditate) and figure it out  
    10.      WELCOME    WELCOME    WELCOME   - do not let the architecture of your
                 place get in the way of a comfortable inviting feeling, - honour people,
                 Have a welcoming entry

11.       EVERY ROOM WORKING –create synergy between every room in the house
             make them work together. KNOW the purpose of each room - - - -
             Ie: hydrate, air flow, heating, ie: hot air around feet, cold air around the head

12.       SAFETY – use safe ingredients when building – consider the healthy products             

for exterior and interior of the structure in addition to the shapes and sizes.


Joan Thorn March 2008 

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