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Tony Watkins

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The Human House - John Balasoglou Print E-mail

Image“If you want true wisdom, knowledge of what is really important in this world, and a refreshing honesty and frankness, sit down with my friend Tony Watkins for an hour or so.



I shouldn’t go on as I am an unashamed fan of this extraordinary man. See what John Walsh says about him and this new book: “Tony Watkins has been a singular identity on the architectural scene for almost 40 years – part Pan, part Diogenes, part Francis of Assisi. A long time teacher at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland, he demonstrated a strong and early interest in a range of issues that now are all the rage – sustainable design, affordable housing, urban design – and a commitment to causes – peace and social justice – that are timeless in their importance. This book is a compilation of Tony’s articles on “the human house” that appeared in the old Auckland Star in – amazingly enough – the period 1975-1979. The full panoply of Tony’s enthusiasms (building, vernacular architecture, nature, anarchism, Karaka Bay and his own extraordinary house) and traits (anthropomorphism, rebelliousness, generosity and a fondness for epigrammatic expression) are revealed in writing that is both of its time and for our time. John Walsh. Architecture NZ.



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