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A maintained soft edge 8 April 2010
With a little silt and some planting the dynamic edge of the coastline can be respected. This is the choice of the Maritime Planning Authority, along with all those who love and respect the coast.





No sign of any erosion 8 April 2010
Unfortunately many engineers do not understand this and they force their hard edged solututions on others,


The real problem is that typical engineering solutions create a hundred new problems, so that the downhill spiral gathers an alarming momentum. Gabion walling causes erosion so that when it reaches the end of its life span in fifteen or twenty year the whole environment is degraded beyond recovery.


Doctors understand all this. Love  is essential to healing. A gentle approach is always to be prefered to an aggresive one. Aggresion is best left to engineers.


The grass stabilises the dynamic edge 8 April 2010


The edge ready for soft maintenance 12 April 2010


Sympathetic driftwood slows sand movement along the beach 12 April 2010




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