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ImageIn less than twelve hours the petition had already attracted more than fifty signatures.



Petition to Auckland City Council
Concerning the proposed Karaka Bay Foreshore Project

We the undersigned object to the proposed plans for the Karaka Bay foreshore, which include the constuction of gabion baskets filled with basalt rock.

We want an alternative solution that is ecologically friendly, aesthetically pleasing and “preserves the natural character of the coastal environment”, in keeping with the Auckland City Council’s own District Plan Objectives (5b.4.1). This is also in keeping with the Auckland Regional Council’s Coastal Policy that advocates a more natural approach.

We also request sufficient time for the public to make an informed decision. We consider that adequate consultation includes the wider community and the distribution of sufficient information so that members of the community can understand and give feedback.
We would like to see proposals for alternative solutions that take the above into consideration.

While the Council is taking measures to prevent erosion in Karaka Bay, we would also like to see attention given to the stormwater outlet that causes serious erosion and pollutes the Tamaki Estuary.


After some eighteen months of subversive, underhand, devious activity only five people came out in support of the gabion walling.


The good news is that people do love Karaka Bay and they care about what happens there.



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