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Rape & Pillage Print E-mail

ImageJeffrey Masson suggested that anyone being raped should just lie back and enjoy it. I guess most rapists would agree with that opinion.


Destabilising the whole beach
Violation of nature is no different from the violation of people.







Rapists prefer beautiful women to rape, in the same way that people who rape the environment prefer beautiful environments to rape.







Those who rape the environment are concerned with power in the same way as any common rapist. If the powerful are having fun why should the gentle, loving environment not relish their destructiveness?







A recipe to cause erosion
The rape of Karaka Bay was as stupid as it was needless. The whole sorry pseudo-erosion saga began when Doug Armstrong concreted in his boat ramp. He lost three metres of his frontage in one night, and anyone would haver thought at least a lesson would have been learned. Apparently engineers never learn. They just go on repeating the same stupid mistakes. The design of the gabion walling which is raping the Bay is stupid beyond belief. Perhaps it was inevitable when no one in the ACC had even a shadow of understanding of the coastine, dynamic ecosystems, or wave action. All we now need to do is to wait for the next big storm and the damage done by Doug Armstrong's boatramp will seem to have been so small as to be irrelevant. It is certain now that Murray's shit is going to end up on the beach in more ways than one.



The coroner’s verdict was that the majority of residents thought that raping the beach was a good idea. As one of the rapists said “It had to be done”. Why exactly? The classic reason apparently. “She asked for it”. I suppose most rapists would agree with that opinion too. One of the problems with rape is that virginity once lost can never be recovered. Sadly only the victim needed to worry about that. Everyone else was laughing.



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