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Bessie, Mary, Jinnie
Once upon a time a family reunion was news.




“There was an enjoyable reunion of the Turnbull family at Papatoetoe last weekend, when Miss Mary Turnbull, who has been an inmate of the Hockin Wing at the Waikato Hospital for some considerable time, spent last Saturday and Sunday with her niece, Mrs V. A. Watkins. Miss Turnbull was the first white girl born in Morrinsville. Other members of the family present were Jinnie (Mrs Marshall), Mr Peter Turnbull and Bessie (Mrs E Butler). Mr William Turnbull of Gisborne, who spoke to his brother and sisters on the telephone, was the only member of the family not present. Miss Turnbull stood the motor journey very well, and was bright and smiling when she returned to her cubicle in the hospital.”

A newspaper report on the 21 February 1953 reunion. 

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