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Snooping is relaxing Print E-mail

ImageGoogle Earth is not a problem for nations. It is rather a problem for those people who feel they have an absolute right to snoop on the lives of other people, and as a result are very self conscious when someone else begins snooping on them.



With Google Earth it really is fun being able to check how many cars are illegally parked on the Auckland City Art Gallery courtyard while those on the street outside are getting tickets. 

The redistribution of power only worries governments when they are obsessed with power. In a democracy technologies which allow real participation are always welcome. 

This is the first Christmas we have been able to check out our favourite campsites to make sure there are no secret military installations just over the hill. The reassurance that you are getting an honest answer makes for a relaxed holiday.
Tony Watkins
Karaka Bay


First published in the New Zealand Herald  28 December 2005

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