So what's new in Design Educator?

ImageI love bouncing ideas around with adults. They know what they are on about and they are willing to make big changes in their lives, and through doing this to also make big changes in the world. I usually manage to banish mediocrity with students either loving or hating my courses.



You will find some thoughts on my March 2008 Green Architecture Continuing Education course at

Some 2008 thoughts on energy, with a brief explanation of heat pumps, can be found at

If you have an architect and are really happy with the way everything is going a few questions you might like to ask your architect can be found at

Joan Thorn, one of the students  on the March 2008 course sent in some her thoughts. You will find them at

Unfortunately the Vice Chancellor decided that a well educated community was of no concern to a corporate university. In 2012 the Centre for Continuing Edcation was closed down, We held a farewell wake for CCE and the seven staff dismissed on 12 July 2012.

When I retired after almost forty years of teaching at the University of Auckland I celebrated by presenting a paper on teaching excellence. It celebrated some of the heroic moments when we changed the course of history. You will find "Only those who do understand" at

The quirky story of the time the Planning Department threw out a priceless Robert Ellis painting is at
Great training for students who would graduate and move on to throwing out whole cultures, just because they were too dumb to understand what they were doing.

After I recommended the book as the only one anyone needed on sustainabllity, in the article on my library, several architects have purchased "The Hannover Principles". You will find the principles themselves at
but I still recommend purchasing the book.