So what's new in Environmental Conservationist?

ImageTelling it the way it is may not be a pathway to success.

However, as I observed thirty years ago - “If you only say the things people want to hear, you will not say the things which need to be said.”

Judge for yourself the market potential of the ideas at

Now that the term “green” has lost traction we might do better to talk about “Environmentally Responsible Architecture”.


You will find a few photographs of "Arakainga" the house I am building in the Hokianga at

If you have no idea about the Hokianga topography there are a few photographs of the harbour at

The house site is an hours walk from the nearest road. In the summer when the ground is dry it is possible to get part of the way in a Landrover. For the Landrover story and a few photographs of "Grunt" look at Making one trip each year Grunt has carried tons of materials up from Auckland to the Hokianga, and done endless trips from Te Ohu to Kaikohe.