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ImageThe Gourmet Restaurant, 87 Shortland Street, was the first licensed restaurant in New Zealand. More importantly it introduced me to David Kennedy, who did all the graphics for the Gourmet, and also decorated the Gourmet with wonderful metal sculptures. David was witty, quirky, and perceptive of every human idiosyncrasy. He had that rare ability of being able to change your way of seeing the world by taking you into his wonderful world.



for James and Helen McNeish
Sadly David went to Greece in 1963 and never returned.

In 2007 Bob Harvey went to Greece and visited David, having become interested because David's workshop remained in Titirangi. Bob returned with the idea of an exhibition and invited everyone who knew David to gather at the Corban Estate Gallery. Everyone came and almost everyone brought a menu, a painting or a sculpture. It was an astonishing night.


The exhibition was held at the Lopdell Gallery in June 2008. 

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