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Thinking It Through
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ImageDiderot used to comment on the joy of knowing that whenever he spoke from the heart he could always contact his friend Baron d'Holbach to find out why he was right, and to get the references.
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ImageHaving a revolution is never as difficult as sustaining a revolution.

Lighting the first fire is never as difficult as rekindling the old enthusiasm, the old idealism, the old spark, or the old clarity of purpose and direction. Yet a fire which bursts into flame and then dies can be very destructive and offer no creative alternative to what has been destroyed. Keeping the revolution fresh is at least as important as having the revolution in the first place.

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ImageIn Moscow everyone drives at night without turning their car lights on. In Vancouver many people drive in bright sunlight without turning their car lights off.

The only people who are really out of step are those who not only busy themselves writing standards to define when car lights should or should not be turned on or off, but also attempt to impose their values on other people, through national standards or other techniques of centralised power.