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Tony Watkins

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Te Awamutu Church Print E-mail

ImageNew Zealand had been left behind by the liturgical changes of the Second Vatican Council.



Liverpool Cathedral Print E-mail

ImageFrederick Gibberd had already won the competition for the new Liverpool Catholic Cathedral by the time I arrived in London in 1961. With my background in architecture as liturgy I was delighted to be able to join the team doing the working drawings, with particular responsibility for the bell-tower entry.




Government Life Hamilton Print E-mail

ImageArchitecture is either full-steam ahead or dead stop. When a client decides to proceed they normally want the contract drawings finished the following day. However when a client decides to cancel a contract everything evaporates along with the money. The Government Life Building in Hamilton took this full-on process to an extreme.





Waitangi sundial Print E-mail

ImageOne of my first jobs, when I was working for Gummer and Ford, was a sundial for the Treaty House at Waitangi.



Hayward Gallery Print E-mail

ImageThrough the London winter of 1963-1964 I worked on the roof of the Hayward Gallery for the GLC.