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ImageHealth is a positive idea. It is concerned with being fully alive.

We need to do much more than just avoid getting sick.





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ImageSustainability is a health issue
When we first began using the term sustainability, around thirty years ago, the meaning was very clear. We were talking about sustaining the life of the planet. It was becoming clear that the planet was sick, and some of the symptoms, such as the loss of species, indicated that the illness could be terminal. Sustainability was a health issue. It was concerned with the health of the planet.






Barry Brickell Y-shirt Print E-mail

Photos by Alastair
Barry loves fire, steam and trains. He hates T-shirts.

His contention is that the T-shirt is a fashion statement but not really practical. It restricts arm movement and hugs too tightly around your neck. In contrast the Y-shirt is a working piece of clothing. You can pot and you can breathe in comfort. Form follows function.




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ImageInternationally, through a combination of work, skill and luck, New Zealand architects are riding the crest of a wave. We hold in our grasp the opportunity to make this our moment in history.