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ImageIn the years before the collapse of the Roman Empire the vomitorium made it possible to go on eating even though you had had enough. The vomitorium was a technical fix which failed to address the consumption problem.



Farewell to stormwater Print E-mail

Photograph by Richard Robinson
Natural model for draining the rain


Some years ago an inspector called in to check that no stormwater was entering my foul drainage system. I explained I did not have any stormwater. He bristled, as inspectors tend to do, at the thought that someone was trying to get smart with him. Nevertheless he responded to my invitation to come on in.
He looked up at the roof of the house and could not believe what he was seeing. "You don't have any gutters!" he stuttered. I followed his gaze and found I had to agree with him. "That's all right" he continued "you indeed don't have any stormwater."