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ImageEveryone in New Zealand seems to be talking nonsense about affordable housing.

If you want a house you can afford you need to build it yourself.

It has always been that way and it always will be. It is an oxymoron to suggest that a developer who is in the business of making a profit can also be interested in saving you money. If the government wants to see affordable housing they only need to create a climate which is favourable for the owner-builder. Tony's 2012 submission to the Productivity Commission on Affordable Housing is on their website and also at www.tony-watkins.com/conteent/view/594/83/

In March and April 2012 Tony gave two GAPS present6ations on baches. You will find some of the material at www.tony-watkins.com/content/view/

The only building built at the Habitat II Conference had none of the pretentiousness of the conference documents. Complicated problems can sometimes have very simple solutions. You will find more at www.tony-watkins.com/content/view/391/83/

Good magazine ran a feature article on Karaka Bay. You will find it, along with lots of photogfraphs, at www.tony-watkins.com/content/view/456/83/

 I have however never liked the term DIY just as I find it strange to refer to the truth as non-fiction.

Some recent photographs of Don Groome's house are at www.tony-watkins/content/view/524/83/


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