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ImageThe proposal to build a seven story hotel on the reclaiimed swamp of the Wynyard Quarter is an  earthquake disaster just waiting to happen. the whole area should be declared a red zone now before the ratepayers are asked to pick up the cost. www.tony-watkins.com/content/view/583/49/


ImageThe situation was summed up in a "brevity" in the NZ Herald. "The Fukushima nuclear power station was built on a prime waterfront site." www.tony-watkins/content/view/589/20/


ImageSelfishness has no part to play in sharing the Commons. On the crowded beaches of the Riviera everyone respects the need to set aside space for fishing boats. On the Quayside in Copenhagen you will find the elderly repairing their boats without anyone suggesting they should move on to make space for brash youngsters.

Only in Auckland does selfishness reign supreme, with the Auckland Council leading the charge.

You will find a plea for diversity in the maritime commons at www.tony-watkins.com/content/view/392/49/

The saddest thing of all is to see architects and urban designers destroying the commons.


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