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Tony Watkins

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Tony at the Deans Lecture
The annual Deans Lecture at the Auckland Medical School presents an opportunity to show how changing our way of thinking can redefine intellectual investigation.





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ImageThe most boring people of all are those who think they are interesting. They want to tell you about it.

The most boring planners are those who think they have an interesting slant on life. They want the media to tell you about it.

Planners need to ask, before complaining about the media, just how desperately interesting their limited view of sustainability really is.



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ImageA paper on "Teaching Excellence"

Teaching is not the same as education.

When Ivan Illich was staying down at Karaka Bay we talked one morning over breakfast about education. At the conclusion Jenny, who was around ten at the time, reached for the phone and rang her school. "I won't be coming to school today." she explained "I want to devote the day to education rather than teaching."