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Eco-Fest 2007 Print E-mail

ImageArchitects have made a commitment to destroying the planet.




The new Building Act will make a major contribution to climate change and the collapse of the planet.

The Act is a deeply religious document. It is committed to fundamentalist materialism.The Act sees architecture as a consumer object.

The Act sees building as a noun, not a verb.

The Act denies that buildings have a soul and a spirit. It denies that human life has any meaning.

Architects should have risen up to protest about the new Building Act. They have been silent.
Sadly architecture is no longer a profession, with an ethical and moral commitment to the life of the planet.
Architects, like other businessmen, have only asked how they can make money out of climate change.
Architects are part of the climate change problem, not part of the solution.

Meanwhile architectural students all over the world are raising questions about social responsibility.

In April 2007 Architecture sans Frontières-International (ASF-Int) was formally established when 13 organisations signed the Hasselt Charter. Architecture students want to build a better world even if architects do not.

In New Zealand the first move students might make is to get the new Building Act repealed.
There will be no tomorrow if we fail to change the way we see buildings.


Advertising for an interactive hour in the University of Auckland Quad on Thursday 17 May 2007.

We talked about how cooking a meal was a cultural experience bring together experience, memories, friends, and all kinds of ingredients. Once building a house used to be like this. Now all that richness has been taken away by people who never understood what building was really all about.